taking the time….

it's all about the inside

One of the things I enjoy most about sewing for myself is being able to finish a garment the way I like. No short cuts (unless I feel like it…) which leaves me with a beautifully finished dress that I could never afford to buy due to the hours put in with hand stitching.

inside and out

My most recent make includes one of my now favourite finishing techniques; using bias binding to finish seams and replace facings. I’ve always been a lover of French seams. Their neatness makes a dress look just as lovely on the inside and outside, and my recent discovery of using bias binding as a finishing technique has me finishing 90% of my seams in a non-overlocked way. Yes, it’s time consuming. But so worth it! One edge is stitched on with the machine, then depending where it is located, flat stitched as well (usually where replacing a facing, i.e. neck or arm holes). The other edge is slip-stitched, which creates a finish that not only looks good but is nice and soft against the skin.

a day at the beach

This dress is made with fabric picked up from the trunk show of A Piece of Cloth, which is run by Jen who sells amazing vintage fabrics and quilts. When I’m using vintage fabrics, I often feel obligated to use more traditional methods of sewing, although that does not stop me from using the overlocker for the first step of my French seams! The pattern of the dress is the Anna from the girls at By Hand London. I love this dress. This is it’s 6th incarnation. I really need to have a go at another one soon…. I’m thinking the Cambie from Sewaholic. Does anyone else get obsessed with the same pattern?

So that’s my dress. It’s hand-made, ethical, fits perfectly and enjoyed a day out at Sorrento with the family.

Until next time, curtsey to you.

Pips xxx

PS… There will be another Anna next week. It’s been a long time in the making, and is for a rather special event. It involves crosses, a veil, lace boots, makeup (shocking!) and a little Pipsie attitude. Adelaide, be prepared!


10 thoughts on “taking the time….

  1. I’m not a great seamstress (too impatient) but I love your beautiful finishes. I have so much admiration for people who do a job well. The fabric is lovely and the dress looks gorgeous on you. Great post.

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