put a stamp on it

Panda Wine Print

Panda Wine Print

Circles on Flowers

Circles on Flowers

The beginnings of the quilts

The beginnings of the quilts

Stamps and Stamped

Stamps and Stamped

Random Panda Wine

Random Panda Wine

pear me up

pear me up

One of the things I’ve enjoyed as B1 and B2 have grown older, is the opportunity to attend some crafty classes in Melbourne. Yes, with the help of the internet/Youtube/brain-power I could probably work out many of these things myself, however I enjoy being taught, I love meeting new people (once I get over my social awkwardness) and what better way to spend a Saturday/Sunday than with like minded people making pretty things and drinking cups of tea.

I recently attending a block printing course run by the lovely Leslie at Maze and Vale in Kensington. I’d actually signed up to do it last year but was unable to attend due to being bed ridden, and she kindly rescheduled me into the February class held a week or two ago.

I’ve participated in several screen printing courses in Melbourne (with the gorgeous girls at Harvest Textiles), and had been intrigued by the different printing that could be achieved using block printing, like being able to carve out detail within the print, which is harder to achieve with a silk screen and stencil.

I always have a project idea in mind when signing up for these types of classes, and this time I wanted to start the design of two quilts for some up and coming baby girls due in the next month or two. The teaching component didn’t take very long. A block, some carving tools. Design and carve away! That left plenty of time for playing with design and printing, with a little chatter thrown in as well. The thing I most enjoyed was not having to rush through the learning and then the process and then feeling as though I had to “make”. There was ample time for play, and no need to move quickly. Plus it was meant to be 40 degrees and we were inside a warehouse, so…..

I have a deep love of linen, having only discovered the luxury (and cost!!!) of italian linen sheeting recently,and enjoy printing on the various linens I collect whenever I’m out fabric hunting. The scraps from previous projects is perfect for the quilts as I have odd bits and pieces of varying colours and textures that should all come together nicely. I had some shapes in mind, everyone needs a good pear and also a cloud, and had a very relaxed time playing with colours and shapes.

So this is the beginning of the quilts. I’ll print some more fabrics in the next few weeks and start piecing it together. I’m thinking it’s going to be a fairly organic/rustic (read: haphazard) piecing of fabric, however the overall effect with hopefully be one of soft colours on lovely fabric for two very special little girls.

There are also plans for fancying up the underpants of the gentlemen in the house, however that is a story for another day…

If you are interested, Leslie also blogs over at www.lesliekeating.com and is offering more classes in the future.

Until next time, curtsey to you!

Pips xxx


20 thoughts on “put a stamp on it

  1. I love the look of printing and the possibilities are endless. Two littl girls are going to get a treasure.

  2. Ooh I love the kittens. I also love the idea of Italian linen sheeting. Good for you for getting past the social awkies. They’re a pain aren’t they?

  3. Carving stamps is such a fun thing to do. I have been playing lately and that’s how I came up with my blog header. But I haven’t felt brave enough to stamp on fabric yet. What type of paint do you use? I’d love to make some cushion covers with crocheted fronts and stamped backs (so they are reversible).
    Those pears are gorgeous!

    • Hi Heike,
      Most of my printing is on linen. Either 100% when I’m cashed up, or sometimes a linen cotton blend which is also nice. I find the texture of linen really good for stamp and screen printing. Makes excellent cushion covers, quilts, tea towels and many other things!

  4. Love the prints! Everything looks so personal when it is printed! And I also love meeting new people once I get over my social awkwardness:) You would think it would go away since meeting new people is so great!

  5. Thanks for sending me the link to your blog, Pips!! Was awesome meeting you and looking forward to following along with your creative adventures here 🙂 (and thanks again for the linen, it was PERFECT for the quilt I’m working on!!)

    • Congratulations on getting in the age today! If only it was on the other side of the bay. I really enjoyed your class, and glad the linen worked out. Pips.

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