A little bit about Pipsie

The Geranium.Today, for my first post, I present to you my homework from a course I’m currently studying online at Blog with Pip.  My homework was a “take stock” list which can be seen below. It’s also a little reflection on where this journey of blogging, dress making, tea drinking, and all round craftiness will drift, with purpose!

  • Making : a dress for the NIN concert in March
  • Cooking : chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies
  • Drinking : tea, lots of tea
  • Reading: new blogs and trashy sci-fi
  • Wanting: more energy
  • Looking: at my new mac book
  • Playing: UNO
  • Deciding: what to write for my first blog
  • Wishing: that Lost Girl would start again
  • Enjoying: my family doing homework
  • Waiting: for the home loan to be finalised
  • Liking: my geraniums in the front garden
  • Wondering: why every day is pants off day at home
  • Loving: my new mac book
  • Pondering: the benefit of a pedicure
  • Considering: a new hair colour
  • Watching: Dexter season 1
  • Hoping: for world peace…
  • Marvelling: at kids learning
  • Needing: nothing!
  • Smelling: bush fire smoke
  • Wearing: pants, the non conformist in the house
  • Following: the bloggess
  • Noticing: the cool breeze
  • Knowing: i’m heading in the right direction
  • Thinking: I’ve got awesome friends
  • Feeling: tired
  • Admiring: my fellow bloggers
  • Sorting: fabric
  • Buying: nothing after having got the Mac!
  • Getting: a hair piece, from Etsy, in the mail!
  • Bookmarking: not much
  • Disliking: the current state of Australian politics
  • Opening: my parents mail
  • Giggling: at bad taxidermy
  • Feeling: still tired
  • Snacking: on passionfruit curd
  • Coveting: new shoes
  • Helping: myself to new technology

Thanks for dropping by! In the next few weeks I will be focusing on some crafty goodness that I’ve been up to, including some print making and some dresses that are on the cutting table.

Until next time, curtsey to you.

Pips xxx