Oh Adelaide, good times.

the ladies

Adelaide was quite the unexpected surprise. After purchasing ticks to NIN/QOTSA in November, last minute accommodation was booked and T and I developed a tight schedule that went something like this:

  • arrive
  • hunt and gather schnacks
  • have a glass of vino
  • nana nap
  • dinner
  • bed

And then repeat with the concert thrown in. I’d give us 9.36 out of 10 for adhering to said schedule. It worked rather well.

I did manage to get a few shots of Adelaide during the hunter/gatherer stage. Adelaide was mid Mad March festival so there was a nice vibe and some rather lovely buskers. The mall was crazy busy with construction work, festivities and the general riff-raff, but we managed to find a couple of gems in the arcades. Button world, you made my day!

random bronze pig

random bronze pig

There was also books. Wait for it. On a stick. Now, Bruce is a big fan of meat on a stick. He is also a lover of literature. Combine two of his favourite things, and you get books on a stick. Luckily, no good books were harmed during the construction of this installation. I’m sure readers digest and Jackie Collins wouldn’t mind being sacrificed for art and taking one for the literary team.

Books. On a stick.

Books. On a stick.

After bumping into an American who was completing the full NIN/QOTSA Aust/NZ tour (that’s what the military do when on leave, rock on bro!), I was so inspired that I managed to pick up tickets to the corresponding Saturday evening event in Melbourne. Cue squeal!

A quick call to sort out B1 and B2 supervision, then I proceeded to follow in the footsteps of the great American by attending 2 concerts in 3 nights. For those who know me this was not done lightly (fatigue issues anyone?), and for Bruce it meant trying to block the sound of my piercing screams from his left ear while NIN were on, and then protecting his immediate person from the ‘wide clap’ and druncken enthusiasm of the gentleman (?!) to his right. “YEAH! QUEENS OF THE F#&%ING STONE AGE!!!!!!!!!!!” with the stately response from several rows back “Ah yes….. Correct”.

NIN second time around.

NIN second time around.

So. After my escapades of goth/ rock chic adventure time, it’s time to settle back into routine and think about this season at the opera and the ballet. Hoping there will also be a good musical this year that I can venture to.

But Trent. You will always have a special place in my heart…. And the version of Reptile? I still have tingles. And Bruce is still waiting for his hearing to come back. So well done.

Mr Reznor

Mr Reznor


Pips xxx

PS. Oh my gods. I’ve fallen for QOTSA!!!! I only knew 1 song (tks Triple JJJ hottest 100), and after listening to their album Like Clockwork post concert, loving it! Josh, you rock.


It’s all about the dress, darling!

It really is no secret that I like like to frock up, for any given occasion. Work? Ah ha. Movies? Why yes please. Wedding? Oh my gods, so excited, what can I wear!!!!!

So when an event, such as attending a Nine Inch Nails concert that I have been wanting forever to see comes along, I’m can legitimately go all out, fly to Adelaide and get my quirky goth girl on. Even though I expected the uniform for the evening would be jeans and black t-shirt and surly faces (Oh the conformity!), I was determined to shine in Adelaide!

The dress. Oh, the dress… Another Pipsie creation from the Anna dress, By Hand London pattern. Hello thigh-high split!

the dress

dress 2

And the boots. My, …the lace boots. I found these in England from House of Elliot, thank you inter webs. They are hand-made lace wedding boots that are lush, stylish, sexy and wait for it, … comfortable! *sigh; followed by love hearts*.

the boots

The veil was from Flortini Designs, which Tina hand made. It was perfect for the evening and added a touch of black widow glamour.

the veil

Tights from Wolford. Expensive, yes. However. For a tall lady such as myself, four-way stretch means that they stay were they are meant to and don’t end up down around the ankles, unless of course you want them to…. I’m sure some of you out there know what I mean!


The event itself?

It was like.

You know.

Totally.And then some.

SQUEAL! Ace. Awesome. All of those cutting edge words that reinforce the fact I’m just so emo right now. The Adelaide crowd was jeans/black t-shirt as expected, with the odd goth girl thrown in (four at final count) and a couple of punks. And I had a few people approach me to tell me my dress was pretty cool, which is always nice. Even more so amazing that I made it. *proud*.

And in true Pipsie style, with the grace of a baby giraffe on roller-skates, I tripped several times, continually caught my kitten heels in the pavement and managed to rip a hole in the front of my frock. All whilst concentrating on going up stairs, holding two drinks and smiling (as it does take an awful amount of concentration to be happy and smile and be emo all together). Luckily no bones were broken, I suffered a couple of bruises and just accepted the embarrassment which I consider a major win!

So. Fabulous night had. Amazing company (Tash, love you!), the Trent experience was *no words available in my current vocab* and Adelaide shone just as Tash and I did.


A tale of adventure overland will be sure to follow soon with more pics, so keep on high alert.


Graceful curtsey to you.

Pips xxx

PS. Does anyone know of a support day for goths that I could perhaps organise for work to allow me to frock up and not freak out my colleagues? Surely there must be something for raising awareness of how the ’emo’ can affect us all, and this needs to be a real issue that the community supports. Just joking. Or am I………..

A cup of tea with me!

a cup of tea with meHello! And curtsey to all of the gorgeous people in internets land.

Today’s post is all about me disclosing a little bit about myself, in such a way that makes me seem much more witty and sophisticated than I actually am. Or am I…….

Thank you to the lovely Pip from Meet Me at Mikes.

So dust off that good china, pour a cup of earl grey (or a g’n’t if you are that way inclined, which I have occasionally been known to be, no judgement!) and snuggle up in the warm for a little read.

tea cups

That who I am: I am a non conformist, sensitive, creative chick/lady/woman/hussy who has been known to fall out of her tea cup on the odd occasion due to various happenings in life and the odd existential crisis. I am a feminist (oh! said that one out loud!) who believes that everything should have been done yesterday (much to the annoyance of Bruce) and I work hard to be kind, and often shake my head and mutter “oh the humanity” to those who pass me by.

That which I adore: I love my family. Really. Like. Love them. I do actually love drinking tea. Melbourne breakfast or Early Grey are my brews of choice, and given the opportunity I would choose tea over most good bevies every day. I collect tea cups, both new and old and for a while used teacups as a currency of payment.  I love clothes. I love to dress up. I love expensive clothes, thrifted clothes, clothes made by moi, and clothes that no one else has. I’ve been know to wear vintage wedding frocks on christmas day, a tiara to work, and a 50’s frock to pick up the kids from school. I don’t hold back. And my kids are still young enough to humour me (Bruce, he puts up with it).

That which I make: Many, many things. So many things. If I had the time and the resources, I would make things all day. Some recent makes are pillow cases (made from scratch and screen printed), dress upon dress, pj’s for B1 and B2, hello kitty pj’s for me, 9 mts of bias binding on a 45 degree day in an un-airconditioned space that resulted in blistered fingers and some colourful language, quilts, cushions and so much more.

Liberty/Nine Inch Nails pillow case

Liberty/Nine Inch Nails pillow case

That which I covet: Not much these days. More energy and stamina for life would be rather awesome. A holiday with my family. A celebration of our 10 year wedding anniversary with Bruce (new dress, goes without saying really….. note to self: start saving for lace now) and I would like a kitten who doesn’t want to wee on my doona. Panda Wine, a work in progress!

That which I read: I just finished reading The Tigers Wife by Tea-Obreht. It was beautiful. The Bloggess. She makes me laugh out loud. hyperbole and a half. The God of Cake. Snort worthy. Not that I really snort, because I am a lady after all…..

So that about wraps up a cup of tea with me. I hope you enjoyed a little peek into the vast mindlessness that is mine.

Pips xxx

PS. With the whole non-conformist attribute. I have been known to conform to norms once in a while in order to ensure that I was not conforming to my own non conformity by choosing to not conform for the sake of conformity. If that makes sense…..

taking the time….

it's all about the inside

One of the things I enjoy most about sewing for myself is being able to finish a garment the way I like. No short cuts (unless I feel like it…) which leaves me with a beautifully finished dress that I could never afford to buy due to the hours put in with hand stitching.

inside and out

My most recent make includes one of my now favourite finishing techniques; using bias binding to finish seams and replace facings. I’ve always been a lover of French seams. Their neatness makes a dress look just as lovely on the inside and outside, and my recent discovery of using bias binding as a finishing technique has me finishing 90% of my seams in a non-overlocked way. Yes, it’s time consuming. But so worth it! One edge is stitched on with the machine, then depending where it is located, flat stitched as well (usually where replacing a facing, i.e. neck or arm holes). The other edge is slip-stitched, which creates a finish that not only looks good but is nice and soft against the skin.

a day at the beach

This dress is made with fabric picked up from the trunk show of A Piece of Cloth, which is run by Jen who sells amazing vintage fabrics and quilts. When I’m using vintage fabrics, I often feel obligated to use more traditional methods of sewing, although that does not stop me from using the overlocker for the first step of my French seams! The pattern of the dress is the Anna from the girls at By Hand London. I love this dress. This is it’s 6th incarnation. I really need to have a go at another one soon…. I’m thinking the Cambie from Sewaholic. Does anyone else get obsessed with the same pattern?

So that’s my dress. It’s hand-made, ethical, fits perfectly and enjoyed a day out at Sorrento with the family.

Until next time, curtsey to you.

Pips xxx

PS… There will be another Anna next week. It’s been a long time in the making, and is for a rather special event. It involves crosses, a veil, lace boots, makeup (shocking!) and a little Pipsie attitude. Adelaide, be prepared!

put a stamp on it

Panda Wine Print

Panda Wine Print

Circles on Flowers

Circles on Flowers

The beginnings of the quilts

The beginnings of the quilts

Stamps and Stamped

Stamps and Stamped

Random Panda Wine

Random Panda Wine

pear me up

pear me up

One of the things I’ve enjoyed as B1 and B2 have grown older, is the opportunity to attend some crafty classes in Melbourne. Yes, with the help of the internet/Youtube/brain-power I could probably work out many of these things myself, however I enjoy being taught, I love meeting new people (once I get over my social awkwardness) and what better way to spend a Saturday/Sunday than with like minded people making pretty things and drinking cups of tea.

I recently attending a block printing course run by the lovely Leslie at Maze and Vale in Kensington. I’d actually signed up to do it last year but was unable to attend due to being bed ridden, and she kindly rescheduled me into the February class held a week or two ago.

I’ve participated in several screen printing courses in Melbourne (with the gorgeous girls at Harvest Textiles), and had been intrigued by the different printing that could be achieved using block printing, like being able to carve out detail within the print, which is harder to achieve with a silk screen and stencil.

I always have a project idea in mind when signing up for these types of classes, and this time I wanted to start the design of two quilts for some up and coming baby girls due in the next month or two. The teaching component didn’t take very long. A block, some carving tools. Design and carve away! That left plenty of time for playing with design and printing, with a little chatter thrown in as well. The thing I most enjoyed was not having to rush through the learning and then the process and then feeling as though I had to “make”. There was ample time for play, and no need to move quickly. Plus it was meant to be 40 degrees and we were inside a warehouse, so…..

I have a deep love of linen, having only discovered the luxury (and cost!!!) of italian linen sheeting recently,and enjoy printing on the various linens I collect whenever I’m out fabric hunting. The scraps from previous projects is perfect for the quilts as I have odd bits and pieces of varying colours and textures that should all come together nicely. I had some shapes in mind, everyone needs a good pear and also a cloud, and had a very relaxed time playing with colours and shapes.

So this is the beginning of the quilts. I’ll print some more fabrics in the next few weeks and start piecing it together. I’m thinking it’s going to be a fairly organic/rustic (read: haphazard) piecing of fabric, however the overall effect with hopefully be one of soft colours on lovely fabric for two very special little girls.

There are also plans for fancying up the underpants of the gentlemen in the house, however that is a story for another day…

If you are interested, Leslie also blogs over at www.lesliekeating.com and is offering more classes in the future.

Until next time, curtsey to you!

Pips xxx