It’s all about the dress, darling!

It really is no secret that I like like to frock up, for any given occasion. Work? Ah ha. Movies? Why yes please. Wedding? Oh my gods, so excited, what can I wear!!!!!

So when an event, such as attending a Nine Inch Nails concert that I have been wanting forever to see comes along, I’m can legitimately go all out, fly to Adelaide and get my quirky goth girl on. Even though I expected the uniform for the evening would be jeans and black t-shirt and surly faces (Oh the conformity!), I was determined to shine in Adelaide!

The dress. Oh, the dress… Another Pipsie creation from the Anna dress, By Hand London pattern. Hello thigh-high split!

the dress

dress 2

And the boots. My, …the lace boots. I found these in England from House of Elliot, thank you inter webs. They are hand-made lace wedding boots that are lush, stylish, sexy and wait for it, … comfortable! *sigh; followed by love hearts*.

the boots

The veil was from Flortini Designs, which Tina hand made. It was perfect for the evening and added a touch of black widow glamour.

the veil

Tights from Wolford. Expensive, yes. However. For a tall lady such as myself, four-way stretch means that they stay were they are meant to and don’t end up down around the ankles, unless of course you want them to…. I’m sure some of you out there know what I mean!


The event itself?

It was like.

You know.

Totally.And then some.

SQUEAL! Ace. Awesome. All of those cutting edge words that reinforce the fact I’m just so emo right now. The Adelaide crowd was jeans/black t-shirt as expected, with the odd goth girl thrown in (four at final count) and a couple of punks. And I had a few people approach me to tell me my dress was pretty cool, which is always nice. Even more so amazing that I made it. *proud*.

And in true Pipsie style, with the grace of a baby giraffe on roller-skates, I tripped several times, continually caught my kitten heels in the pavement and managed to rip a hole in the front of my frock. All whilst concentrating on going up stairs, holding two drinks and smiling (as it does take an awful amount of concentration to be happy and smile and be emo all together). Luckily no bones were broken, I suffered a couple of bruises and just accepted the embarrassment which I consider a major win!

So. Fabulous night had. Amazing company (Tash, love you!), the Trent experience was *no words available in my current vocab* and Adelaide shone just as Tash and I did.


A tale of adventure overland will be sure to follow soon with more pics, so keep on high alert.


Graceful curtsey to you.

Pips xxx

PS. Does anyone know of a support day for goths that I could perhaps organise for work to allow me to frock up and not freak out my colleagues? Surely there must be something for raising awareness of how the ’emo’ can affect us all, and this needs to be a real issue that the community supports. Just joking. Or am I………..


6 thoughts on “It’s all about the dress, darling!

  1. As the mother of a former goth/emo I know the concentration required to smile and look the part. Aren’t bruises part of knowing you’ve been to a great concert. Love the boots. Loved it all Pips. I hope you can mend the dress. Of course you can, you’re awesome.

  2. love the humility of the stumble and the hole in the dress. so much more interesting than everything going to plan. baby giraffe of roller skates…hehe. jane xx

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