A cup of tea with me!

a cup of tea with meHello! And curtsey to all of the gorgeous people in internets land.

Today’s post is all about me disclosing a little bit about myself, in such a way that makes me seem much more witty and sophisticated than I actually am. Or am I…….

Thank you to the lovely Pip from Meet Me at Mikes.

So dust off that good china, pour a cup of earl grey (or a g’n’t if you are that way inclined, which I have occasionally been known to be, no judgement!) and snuggle up in the warm for a little read.

tea cups

That who I am: I am a non conformist, sensitive, creative chick/lady/woman/hussy who has been known to fall out of her tea cup on the odd occasion due to various happenings in life and the odd existential crisis. I am a feminist (oh! said that one out loud!) who believes that everything should have been done yesterday (much to the annoyance of Bruce) and I work hard to be kind, and often shake my head and mutter “oh the humanity” to those who pass me by.

That which I adore: I love my family. Really. Like. Love them. I do actually love drinking tea. Melbourne breakfast or Early Grey are my brews of choice, and given the opportunity I would choose tea over most good bevies every day. I collect tea cups, both new and old and for a while used teacups as a currency of payment.  I love clothes. I love to dress up. I love expensive clothes, thrifted clothes, clothes made by moi, and clothes that no one else has. I’ve been know to wear vintage wedding frocks on christmas day, a tiara to work, and a 50’s frock to pick up the kids from school. I don’t hold back. And my kids are still young enough to humour me (Bruce, he puts up with it).

That which I make: Many, many things. So many things. If I had the time and the resources, I would make things all day. Some recent makes are pillow cases (made from scratch and screen printed), dress upon dress, pj’s for B1 and B2, hello kitty pj’s for me, 9 mts of bias binding on a 45 degree day in an un-airconditioned space that resulted in blistered fingers and some colourful language, quilts, cushions and so much more.

Liberty/Nine Inch Nails pillow case

Liberty/Nine Inch Nails pillow case

That which I covet: Not much these days. More energy and stamina for life would be rather awesome. A holiday with my family. A celebration of our 10 year wedding anniversary with Bruce (new dress, goes without saying really….. note to self: start saving for lace now) and I would like a kitten who doesn’t want to wee on my doona. Panda Wine, a work in progress!

That which I read: I just finished reading The Tigers Wife by Tea-Obreht. It was beautiful. The Bloggess. She makes me laugh out loud. hyperbole and a half. The God of Cake. Snort worthy. Not that I really snort, because I am a lady after all…..

So that about wraps up a cup of tea with me. I hope you enjoyed a little peek into the vast mindlessness that is mine.

Pips xxx

PS. With the whole non-conformist attribute. I have been known to conform to norms once in a while in order to ensure that I was not conforming to my own non conformity by choosing to not conform for the sake of conformity. If that makes sense…..


24 thoughts on “A cup of tea with me!

  1. I love this Pips. You made me lol on the bus 😊 (your blog with pip link might be missing, or it could just be my phone)

    • Definitely kindred! I love my liberty. It took me years before I was brave enough to purchase and now I don’t want to sew with anything else. Xx

  2. love this Pips. And really enjoy your writing style. I admire anyone who is crafty and sews. Really must get myself a sewing machine and practice all those home economic skills I learnt in high school!!!

  3. I love this Pips. You are a woman after my own heart with your non conformism and you sound very bohemian. Love it. Wish I had your skills with a sewing machine 🙂

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