Bow Harness Accessory

After the success of my Elysia Bow dress by Roberts Wood I wanted to add on the Bow Harness Accessory as an extra feature. I’ve been reluctant to show off my curves in recent years having gone from a size 10 to a size 16 due to menopause but am keen to try and explore that a little more this year. The Bow Harness is the perfect place to start.

I measured a size 2 based on my rib cage measurement of 87cm. The sizing was perfect.

I used 1 meter of Liberty with some scraps left over.

I used 50cm of elastic for the straps and the recommended lengths for the circumference.

Again the instructions were clear and well thought out and easy to follow.

I interfaced the connecter pieces as the Liberty was a little flimsy and needed some stability.

I love that this gives the dress a bit of an extra look with the bows whilst giving some definition around the waist.

I have to say I’m really proud of this outfit as it is definitely one of a kind not to be seen in any store and it is really well constructed and doesn’t have that homemade feel about it. The harness gives it a little bit of avant garde feel.

I love that I can sew my own clothes that not only look good but look like they could come out of a designer store. As a size 16 I’m very restricted in what I can buy from RTW that is good quality. The only places I really look these days are Scarlett Jones, Metta Melbourne and Lily Pond that all cater to a size 16.

Having the skills to sew my own clothes is very empowering and allows me to express myself artistically through fashion on my own terms. So sewing isn’t just for pleasure, it’s a necessity.

And having discovered the Roberts Wood collection (which goes up to a size 28) has given me designer wardrobe options that are not available to me through places like Net-A-Porter where a large is considered a size 12. I’ve got money and I’m willing to spend it. Designers are just not interested in larger bodies.

I’ll get off my soap box now and get to cutting the Bow Skirt by Roberts Wood which is next on my list.



Dress: Elysia Bow Dress by Roberts Wood

Harness Accessory: Harness By Roberts Wood

Fabric: Mitsi from Strawberry Thief

Shoes: By Scarlett Jones

Tights: By Wolford


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