Encounters of the lovely kind

This week was my week. A week to regroup and find some much needed breathing space. Being the forward planner that I am, I managed to schedule in too many activities and not enough down time, which lead to me having more down time and less sewing time than I had wished. But such fun!

I started officially on Sunday with a faery tale photoshoot of my favourite dress on location down the Great Ocean Road. I believe we reached a maximum of 10 degrees so I was amusing the bushwalkers/runners with jumps and skips to keep some semblance of warmth in my body, whilst taking intermittent sips of tea from an empty teacup.

the great ocean road

the great ocean road

On Monday, I went to a special screening of Pretty in Pink for Craft Victoria. I’d forgotten how much of an influence Andi had on me in my younger years and how I still hold a number of her values today. I must have watched it every week for a year when I was 12, and then annually there after, however I haven’t seen it since the arrival of B1 and B2. And whilst they love the Princess Bride, I don’t think Pretty in Pink is quite their cup of tea yet. But how delicious is James Spader! I was equally repulsed and entranced by his chest. Andi should have ended up shacking up with him. And for the record, I loved her prom dress.

At the movies - pic via Meet Me at Mikes

At the movies – pic via Meet Me at Mikes

Tuesday morning I had a most unexpected breakfast with 2 very lovely women. Kate Kosek who is a graphic and textile designer from Brooklyn and Catriona Mitchell, founder and editor of luminary.com. I’d stayed the night at Maggie’s, and although sad to to have caught up with her on this occasion, I was spoilt to spend part of the morning with Catriona and Kate.

Brooklyn Arts Hotel

Brooklyn Arts Hotel

Kate is currently visiting Australia to launch the spring/summer 2014 collection designed by Gorman incorporating graphic art work by Kate. Such a treat to have meet the artist AND have a private showing of all the pieces over a cup of tea and toast (of sorts… we had clothes draped over the dining table and wing backed chairs).pretty in pink

While the prints and shapes of the clothing are a little out of my comfort zone, I fell in love with this pattern which to my untrained and unartistic eye reminds me a little of art deco. Sadly, after spending half an hour in Gorman and trying on everything (literally) I settled on the t-shirt as the print and shape was the only one that suited.pretty in pink

I just don’t do billowy loose fitting clothes, and the more fitted ones were the wrong shape for someone with hips. But how gorgeous is it! I’ve worn it twice already, and every time I look down at my chest, I smile. Here’s to trying new things. And meeting lovely people over breakfast.

And loving it a little more

And loving it a little more

You can see Kate’s work here on instagram, here at her blog, and on Gorman’s website here.pretty in pink

Catriona was also involved in a special project, documenting women and their female role models. You can find my face here and more about the projects she is involved in here. She was really lovely. And she celebrates brave women and bright ideas. Extra lovely!

Catriona Mitchell

Catriona Mitchell

I was going to keep the morning to myself, but there was too much goodness so I had to share. And I was on a very happy high, what with movies, conversation and tea with toast. Until 2 pm when I cordially crashed and went to bed. Such is life.

On the sewing front, it has been a little hit and miss. Which is strange. I haven’t made this many mistakes in a long time.

I made a Coco dress from Liberty jersey, and layered it over a lace dress which was layered over a black slip to keep my bottom classy and warm. Flower crown from Wit and Bloom on Etsy. Pretty.


Coco worn to Pretty  in Pink

Another Anna dress had me in tears by 3pm on the day I wore it due to the corsetry nature of the bodice (I took it in 2cm, I need not have….) so this little pretty is off to Berlin shortly. I also made another Coco and through some magical gift I currently employ, managed to sew every seam with the overlocker with one right side to one wrong side. After careful inspection it became apparent there was a very clear right and wrong side. Sigh.

corset dress

corset dress

And the bombshell swimsuit is currently sitting in a zip lock back until I can figure out how to overlock it without the whole thing being munched and requiring unpicking. Sad face.

So that is it for me today. I had another adventure this week that involved these boys, which had me in fits of hysteria and also tears of admiration streaming down my face. Viva 90’s humour and prescription medication.


Pips xxx

Please note this is not a sponsored post. I used my hard earned credit card to purchase my Gorman top, and managed to lose my overnight bag in the process. Bless the girl who was assisting me in Gorman. She was most helpful.


8 thoughts on “Encounters of the lovely kind

  1. Such a fabulous week. It was a bit weird seeing you in a t-shirt but it looks great on you and you are totes cute in the photos.

  2. That Gorman range is so lovely with all the geometrics and you look great in the top. As always when I come here I feel inspired to get behind the sewing machine again. It might be about time I get the Coco!

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