How glorious is cake!

I made this cake on the weekend after being introduced to it by Pip from Meet Me at Mikes as part of her newsletter, Feeling a Bit Sh*t.

Pretty Cake

Pretty Cake


This is a very pretty cake, and one could almost say too pretty to eat. And a challenge to slice, most definitely.

It has zip and tang, sweetness and light, vegies and nuts (rhubarb and almonds) and accompanied by cream and yoghurt makes a perfectly sensible and guilt free breakfast.

Roasted Rhubarb

Roasted Rhubarb

One of my favourite stories about cake is here. I too have been known to be the god of cake. Be prepared to snort when you read it, and think of me. I’ve also been known to deconstruct a good passionfruit cream sponge to get the perfect ratio of cream/cake/icing which leaves a very sad and decrepit pile of not quite cake behind. It also gets me into trouble when that cake is not my own, and others were expecting to eat it with all three elements in their original form. Oppsie.

More Cake

More Cake

But I digress. This cake. I ate from top to toe. Delish. Plus I grew my own rhubarb. How clever! Or should I say how resilient is rhubarb. And it looks very fancy. The recipe can be found here. Rhubarb upside-down yoghurt cake. Don’t change anything as it is perfect the way it is. Go forth and make!

Care to share your favourite cake?


Pips xxx


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