Oh Adelaide, good times.

the ladies

Adelaide was quite the unexpected surprise. After purchasing ticks to NIN/QOTSA in November, last minute accommodation was booked and T and I developed a tight schedule that went something like this:

  • arrive
  • hunt and gather schnacks
  • have a glass of vino
  • nana nap
  • dinner
  • bed

And then repeat with the concert thrown in. I’d give us 9.36 out of 10 for adhering to said schedule. It worked rather well.

I did manage to get a few shots of Adelaide during the hunter/gatherer stage. Adelaide was mid Mad March festival so there was a nice vibe and some rather lovely buskers. The mall was crazy busy with construction work, festivities and the general riff-raff, but we managed to find a couple of gems in the arcades. Button world, you made my day!

random bronze pig

random bronze pig

There was also books. Wait for it. On a stick. Now, Bruce is a big fan of meat on a stick. He is also a lover of literature. Combine two of his favourite things, and you get books on a stick. Luckily, no good books were harmed during the construction of this installation. I’m sure readers digest and Jackie Collins wouldn’t mind being sacrificed for art and taking one for the literary team.

Books. On a stick.

Books. On a stick.

After bumping into an American who was completing the full NIN/QOTSA Aust/NZ tour (that’s what the military do when on leave, rock on bro!), I was so inspired that I managed to pick up tickets to the corresponding Saturday evening event in Melbourne. Cue squeal!

A quick call to sort out B1 and B2 supervision, then I proceeded to follow in the footsteps of the great American by attending 2 concerts in 3 nights. For those who know me this was not done lightly (fatigue issues anyone?), and for Bruce it meant trying to block the sound of my piercing screams from his left ear while NIN were on, and then protecting his immediate person from the ‘wide clap’ and druncken enthusiasm of the gentleman (?!) to his right. “YEAH! QUEENS OF THE F#&%ING STONE AGE!!!!!!!!!!!” with the stately response from several rows back “Ah yes….. Correct”.

NIN second time around.

NIN second time around.

So. After my escapades of goth/ rock chic adventure time, it’s time to settle back into routine and think about this season at the opera and the ballet. Hoping there will also be a good musical this year that I can venture to.

But Trent. You will always have a special place in my heart…. And the version of Reptile? I still have tingles. And Bruce is still waiting for his hearing to come back. So well done.

Mr Reznor

Mr Reznor


Pips xxx

PS. Oh my gods. I’ve fallen for QOTSA!!!! I only knew 1 song (tks Triple JJJ hottest 100), and after listening to their album Like Clockwork post concert, loving it! Josh, you rock.


12 thoughts on “Oh Adelaide, good times.

  1. Sounds like you had a great time Pips!! I saw NIN/QOTSA in Newcastle, I only went for NIN but did enjoy a few QOTSA songs. I was disappointed in the QOTSA fans though, they weren’t as nice as the NIN fans! I’m glad I got to see Trent again though (he has still got it)! 🙂
    PS Totes jealous you got to see them twice!

    • Thanks Sam. I was there just for Trent. And was so excited to see him twice, because I’m not sure I’ll be allowed to go back a third time!!

  2. Glad you had a great time in Adelaide! “Mad March” really is a crazy time here – concerts, comedy, festivals, V8 car racing etc.

    • Nine Inch Nails very 90’s industrial sound. Queens of the Stone Age more 2000’s. not everyone’s cup of tea, but my oh my was I excited to go twice!

  3. I will never forget listening to NIN winning song on TRiPLE J, full volume loud…and thinking life is amazing, this is amazing….so powerful and animal like and sexy and dark…i am afraid i do not know much more about them of QOTSA..But I love Adelaide…and LOVE that you rock out and are so cute too! xxxxxxx

    • Ah, I remember that day as if it was yesterday. One of my friends still mouths the lyrics to me if I’m having a bad day at work. Weird cheer up song, but effective!

  4. Random pig and books on a stick, awesome! I was a bit worried that your blog might starve a couple of weeks ago, but you have kept feeding it. Really great to read. 🙂

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