Sew Melbourne Garden Party 2018

IMG_0588The second annual Sew Melbourne garden party was held recently at the Melbourne Botanical Gardens on a day that complimented the frocks and frivolities. The sun shone, the weather was quite temperate and the music most fitting.

For the first time in what feels like forever, I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to create to wear. In fact, the idea (thank you Pinterest, unable to acknowledge photo further due to lack of links) had been sitting with me for some time. I even had the perfect linen purchased from The Drapery in my stash. My first thought was do I embroider or screen print.  Screen printing clearly won as the event date crept closer and I was yet to cut the fabric. Given that it took two years from Pinning the dress and 2 weeks to design and construct I think we call all see why this is a hobby and not a commercial enterprise. IMG_0702

I’m not known for my arty skills but when I’m inspired by an image I can usually come up with an interpretation that sits well with me. The dress pattern was the Kim dress bodice by ByHandLondon and their Flora skirt. The screen print patterns were ones I had already created for previous projects, including a fern leave, orchid and a wonderful branch of leaves of a neighbouring tree. I just needed to replicate the red flowers which were essentially well placed skewed elliptical shapes. I was happy with the colours I mixed, but never ask me to replicate them. Except the bronze. The bronze came out of the jar as is. I can replicate the bronze.IMG_0427

I took the extra step of tracing the stencils and colouring them in as I was bored one morning and couldn’t find anything to entertain me that didn’t involve house work. Plus I was waiting for someone to fix my beast of an oven who was having conniptions (all sorted now without having to add a 900mm stainless steel cooking monster to landfill. Phew!). This made pattern placement and perspective incredibly easy and a method I will definitely employ again. IMG_0428

So very happy with the way the dress came together, and although going up a size in the bodice there really wasn’t too much room for cake to be had. (what genetic freak of nature grows bewbs at 42???) Speaking of which though, you must peruse this Gin and Tonic cake recipe that was shared on the day. So. Much. Delicious.BA

The afternoon was lovely. Being with one’s tribe is all sorts of wonderful. In addition to the sewing tribe there was a subsection of curly girl seamstresses as well. #splintergroupscanbeawesome.IMG_0608

I didn’t get too many photo’s on the day that had me looking other than a turtle trying to get its neck back into its shell so we took some more pic’s at the Geelong Botanical Gardens over Easter. garden3

gp parasol






Two Piece Set-acular

The original concept of Sophie who blogs here, the two piece set-acular was devised as a challenge back in July 2014.

Happy  Pips

Happy Pips

The philosophy was print on print, matchy matchy, two piece coordinated outfit. I’m all about twin sets and complete pattern submersion, but for some reason this didn’t tickle my fancy at the time.

Screen Printed Linen

Screen Printed Linen by Pips

Things change. I became a little obsessed with the idea recently and found myself with an idea for creating a screen printed fabric from what was on hand in my stash.

This is how it evolved…

  • Original purchase of burgundy linen from The Drapery in Adelaide.
  • A pin from two years ago that has been playing over in my mind (but took me two days to find on my board!).
  • The screen printing stencil taken drawn from a 1950’s floral print (created here).
  • An idea for an operatic combination to wear to this exhibition.
  • The Gabriola skirt from Sewaholic and the Elisalex bodice with circle skirt peplum from By Hand London.
  • Luncheon with one of my dearest friends, Boo.
Zipping Like a Boss

Zipping Like a Boss

Some of my favourite #twopiecesetacular ‘s can be found here (my favourite by Jen, props for the props!), here, here and here, with a round up by Sohpie here.

Instagram Sneak Peaks

Instagram Sneak Peaks: Liberty of London Facing

At the Exhibition

At the Exhibition: Hot and Double Hot

I love this outfit so much. The colour way is fabulous. The fit is spot on. And the skirt has such wonderful swish.

Tea and Cake with Boo

Tea and Cake with Boo

Thank you Sophie for daring to take us back to the 90’s. I love my two piece.

Two Piece Setacular

Two Piece Setacular


Pips xxx