Vogue 9253

Someone in G-Town had the inspirational idea to introduce street art to liven up some of the darker alleyways and spaces that detracted from what can only be described as a decrepit central area. This beautiful graffiti has been on my location list for some time and on a whim yesterday I hauled the family away from the couch to capture these images. 

Without too much hyperbole, this was the dress that almost didn’t make it. The fabric was so, so shifty. In a state of sleeplessness I thought that sewing a dress at 4am would be a good way to pass some time, but that came at the expense of the centre front seams being sewn to the side seams. And the unpicking! I haven’t made such a mistake for some time but just before it was dramatically thrown in the naughty corner, I tried it on, saw the potential and loved it. 

So perseverance saw 2 hours of unpicking, removal of pockets, and then another two hours of sewing to get everything as much into place as was possible. My darts and side seams are a mm or two out but the ribbon hides my sins. With this fabric I doubt I would ever have a got a perfect match so I’m accepting the minor faults to focus on the bigger picture which is my love (now, not earlier….) of this dress. 

The sleeves are dramatic, the neckline plunging and the fabric now swishes like silk and sits beautifully (it is actually a rayon that behaves like silk satin cut on the bias….). The motif used to secure the neckline was found at Lily Pond. I was looking for a piece of vintage lace to insert however this caught my eye and matched perfectly with the fabric. The ribbon also manages to sit with out moving. I did make the threaded loops to hold the belt in place but they popped as soon as I put the dress on. I don’t think I will redo them as the velvet held its place rather well. 

So the dress that nearly wasn’t, is. She will be coming overseas with me and I hope to sip wine while the sun sets, reading a book and soaking up the beauty of another country.

Another version is planned, however it’s likely to be something more like linen or tana lawn which will be a breeze to sew. 

Have you made up this pattern, and if yes what fabric did you use? There are so many beautiful versions on IG and I love seeing how daring people are with that neck line!




2 thoughts on “Vogue 9253

  1. Well I’m very biased as purple is my favourite colour – this fabric looks lush and the colour is so rich – very beautiful. The backgrounds are wonderful!

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