Ice Princess

Ice Princess

Ice Princess

Adventure Time has significantly increased the catalogue of princesses available, but nothing beats the high school Ice Princess.

Ice Princess

Ice Princess

Except LSP. And Marceline (technically the Vampire Queen). And Princess BG when the mood strikes.

Ice Princess

Ice Princess

I haven’t really worn this dress as much as I’d hoped so am thinking of cropping the skirt to make it midi length. Then I can wear it with black tights and cardi as part of my collected winter threads.

Ice Princess

Ice Princess

18 degrees and overcast. Perfect Pipsie beach weather. Seriously. This is the only time I can safely wonder the beach without fear of spontaneous combustion.

Ice Princess

Ice Princess

I also managed a dip at the end. First time in the ocean for four years. Delightful. Ice Princess

ice princess

My Sound of Music Moment

ice princess 8







Pattern: Anna bodice from ByHandLondon with Elisalex shaping on the back bodice and arm scyes. Emery dress by Christine Haynes skirt and pockets

Fabric: Liberty of London Hesketh seasonal purchased from Patchwork on Central

Locket: A Skulk of Foxes

Hair Flower: Gardens of Whimsy

Photos: By Bruce



23 thoughts on “Ice Princess

  1. The first photo is glorious – Bruce has upped his game! I think the dress looks beautiful as a maxi – incredibly romantic shots on the beach. However, I think you’re right – it’s too lovely not to be worn frequently so perhaps chop it, wear it and when you have it on, smile as you recall this cherished day x

  2. I love this dress! Its been hard resisting the Anna dress but you make it look so glorious. Keep the maxi length and just be fabulous in it😘

  3. This is just gorgeous on you! I hope you keep the maxi length. Sometimes you might just need one that length and it’ll be in your closet, for your Ice Princess entrance! 😉

    • Thank you Melissa. I think the length will stay. I “may” need to get some shoes that complete the outfit. Now where to start looking….. ; )

  4. lovely dress and pictures. I cosplayed princess bubblegum at the one comicon I’ve been to (and dressed my little one up as a candy creation). I reckon if I had another girl I’d call her Marceline ;o)

  5. The light grey pattern is so ethereal. This dress is of course perfect on you and great this length. I would keep it as it is and just wear it. You seaside is so spectacular.

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