Berlin Anna

Berlin Anna Dress

Berlin Anna Dress

Friendship  is a wonderful thing.

Berlin Anna Dress

Berlin Anna Dress

Someone once told me that if you can count five really good friends then you are doing exceeding well. This day I can count four. The number sometimes fluctuates but the baseline remains the same. Today it looks to be going up!  Making friends as an adult seems so much more difficult than when we were younger. Add into the mix some long standing health issues* and a good dose of quirkiness, I often find myself isolated from the general population and excluded because I just don’t fit in. I know, sad face, but it’s true.

Berlin Anna Dress

Berlin Anna Dress – Wind Swept Style

In the past year since creating this space, I have encountered many like minded sprites, some might even say bosom buddies. I have been delighted to discover blogs and instagram accounts that inspire me, had conversations with seamstresses and seamsters across the world about all things stitchy and participated in some international gift giving that have delighted me both in the giving and the receiving.

Berlin Anna Dress

Berlin Anna Dress

In February I joined in the Secret Valentine Exchange and was given Ute as my Valentine. She organised the project along with Sanaei, and there was much international love posted across the seas. At the time I recall asking Bruce if had any objection to my making a valentines gift for a woman I’d never met in Germany to celebrate the love of craftiness and if he felt a little weird about it. He replied that as long as he didn’t have to pay for it, there was no concerns. Love for all!

Berlin Anna Dress

Berlin Anna Dress

Through this, I have made firm friends with Elle and Ute (we created a lovely little international triangle, Ute made a Secret Valentines gift for Elle).

Berlin Anna Dress

Berlin Anna Dress

Ute was kind enough to send me some fabric that she saw at the market that she felt was autumnal me. It is a beautiful Japanese lawn in the most perfect colours. There was squeals and shouts of delight upon its arrival.

Berlin Anna Dress

Berlin Anna Dress

I’d not so long ago decided to abandon the Anna pattern, considering I now have nine in my wardrobe and there are other dress patterns waiting to be explored. However as soon as I opened the parcel, it was decided. There is plenty time for retirement in future years.

Berlin Anna Dress

Berlin Anna Dress

Straightforward construction and sizing, self made bias binding for the neck line and french seamed throughout. I could make this dress in my nocturnal slumber.

International friendship. Pen pals. Bosom buddies. Happiness. Wonderful. Joy.

Berlin Anna Dress - Partial Curtsy

Berlin Anna Dress – Partial Curtsy


Pips xxx

Photos by Bruce. Flower crown from Gardens Of Whimsey. Shoes from Duck Feet. Tights by Wolford. Scenery by Portarlington. Cardigan by Parjie (Audrey in Unst).

* The antibiotics are still kicking my ME/CFS. Underlying bacterial infection, inflammation of the immune system that can’t be seen. Who knows? At this stage it doesn’t matter. I’m improving every day. Welcome me back to life.


14 thoughts on “Berlin Anna

  1. Thank you for sharing your story! I love the dress but I most love how you describe finding friendship through your blog. Its very ncie to find others who understand the sewcialist mindset. I am so happy for you that you are feeling better. 💃

  2. Hila, I really feel as though I’m finding my tribe! It’s so lovely to be able to meet people and form true friendships based on a love of sewing and access to the internets! It’s so good to be surrounded by supportive, positive and most of all understanding lovelies, you included! xx

  3. Ute knows our likes so well 🙂 that fabric truly looks beautiful and Your anna dress making skills might rival Dior. I’m so grateful that I found instragram and had the balls to actually post pictures of my sewing. That first bit of bravery has led to us being friends and it has been a total game changer. I can’t wait for the day we meet in person, and until that day I will continue to send love and support from across the world xxxxx elle xxxxx

    • Darling Elle! Thank you so much. You know it means the world to me. I never thought that I could gain what I have through putting quirky little self out there. I’m so glad I did. I’m so glad that you did too. And wait until we met in person! I don’t know if you know, but I get a little flappy in my arms and I squeal when I’m excited. And I’m reserving a significant portion of this for you!!!! Pips xxxxx

  4. I’ve only recently come across your blog after seeing your pictures on instagram, I think you write beautifully- your sewing is pretty awesome too! Here’s a toast to sewing blogs and crafty friendships. Louise

  5. The count is definitely going up! I feel so honored you turned my gift into something so beautiful. Anna is your pattern, that is for sure! And no one wears a flower crown like you! I am glad Bruce approved of you crafting for me (Thanks, Bruce!!) and that we were able to connect via the Valentine Exchange. I cannot wait to come to Australia one day and meet you in person and take a walk with you and Anna at that beautiful location! Lots of love from Berlin! Xxxx

    • We shall stroll in Anna’s under the shade of parasols! There is such beauty to be found in our countryside. I very much look forward to meeting you, dear Ute. xxx

  6. Lovely post: fabric, pattern, location, photography and story. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I have the Anna pattern but haven’t made it up yet. Do you think it would work with my Frieda Kahlo or is it too gathered? Have a lovely weekend!

    • Thank you Clarinda. Still improving every day! I definitely think you could do the Anna bodice with a gathered skirt. It would look amazing. xx

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