Destined for Something

We all have the project that begins with an idea, a pintrest board with 228 pins and the expectation that it may develop into something with a nod to Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood.

So Close and So Far Away

So Close and So Far Away

Hunting down the bits and pieces needed can often prove to be a challenge but after a year of searching I thought I had found the answer.

Working It

Working It

I found this fabric at Spoonflower and thought finally I had come across a tartan (although digitally printed and not woven) that would meet my needs. I choose the cotton sateen for reasons I can no longer recall.

Giving Life to Fabric

Giving Life to Fabric – All For One and One For All

It was not to be. All that excitement and anticipation was dashed on delivery.


It is indeed a sad day when fabric is delivered, opened, and then popped back into the box to languish unloved for several months. I thought it would be brighter, richer. But instead it looked washed out and I rejected it in favour of starting another project. One of the risks we take when purchasing online.

The View from Behind

The View from Behind – Pattern Matching!

After completing my two piece setacular and seeing the dramatic results of contrast screen printing, I thought I could bring a little life back into the fabric by applying the same stencil. It worked, with the black ink lifting some of the ‘meh’ factor out of it. But when paired with the black bodice (working with less than 1.5 meter of tartan with some serious borders on all sides not printed) I again returned to meh.

My Favourite Corner

My Favourite Corner – Felt Wreath by Radish and Ruth

I used the Elisalex bodice and sleeves from By Hand London, and drafted a quarter circle skirt which I just managed to scrape out of the yardage.

I Take My Modelling Seriously

I Take My Modelling Seriously

The addition of a matching scarf, (Bridgette from Tilly and the Buttons) whilst a little twee, reduces the washed out effect. And when paired with a black cardi and tights the whole outfit seems to come together. For a project that I lacked all enthusiasm for based solely on the fabric, I’m ok with the way it turned out.

Time for Tea

Time for Tea

So whilst I don’t think this shall fall into high rotation, I won’t relegate it to gardening or painting clothing just yet. But when I do, I think I’ll look a little fabulous frocked up with my wellingtons on, tights optional.

Quirking Around

Quirking Around

Cardi Time

Cardi Time


I have since worn this to work and must admit to indulging in a little highland fling when one person was watching. I’ve now grown very fond of it, and it will be a winter staple. The cardigan makes all the difference.


Pips. xxx

PS For all your felty goodness, check out Radish and Ruth’s Etsy store. She handmade my little toadstool wreath on the wall. I love it. (not sponsored, just loved)


4 thoughts on “Destined for Something

  1. I love the end result! And I love that you kept playing with it until you got a result. And oh my gosh, that Pinterest board of yours!!!! Now I MUST get something in tartan. Do you think you would have another go at it, with different fabric? Thanks for sharing your latest creation 🙂

    • Laura, I just couldn’t give up on it! There will definitely more tartan in the future. I am always on the look out. I found a gorgeous one in flannel, and I’m now thinking that it would make a rather cosy winters dress. More to follow! xxx

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