The Overnighter

I love the idea of packing a bag for a quick get away. Granted, all the necessary frocks and shoes needed wouldn’t likely fit into this neat little overnighter, but that’s where tote bags come in, don’t they?

So, if (or maybe, nay when…) I catch that international flight (first stop Berlin, then Paris, then Glascow) I will be flaunting this as my carry  on. Actually, I’d be happy to take it on a domestic flight. Tassie maybe? Or train. Train is good. Does anyone want to have a sleep over? I make a lovely house guest PLUS I make cake.

The Girl in a Teacup

The Girl in a Teacup

I love screen printing and the idea of creating my own fabric however I don’t have nearly the time nor the talent to have it as much more than a hobby for the time being. With practice I’m getting better and I have endless images and sources of inspiration on Pinterest fighting to find proper form on paper and linen.

The Girl in a Teacup

The Girl in a Teacup

This young lady has been bouncing in my mind for well over a year and only recently came out to participate in a photo exposure/screen printing course run by the gorgeous Nicola Cerini, of THE handbag fame.

Because we were photo exposing onto a screen instead of paper cut stencils I was able to create a finer image that once tweaked I was really happy with. I drew my girl a few weeks before the workshop so I was confident with the image (really not good at drawing on the day, so many ideas and such poor hand/eye coordination!) and it took several attempts plus the enlistment of my french curve to get her right. Exhibit A below shows you a little of how artistically challenged I can be at free hand. I work much better when I have an image to view directly and draw as opposed to an idea in my head that I can’t translate onto paper. Rulers and Pinterest are my friend!

The Girl in a Teacup - The Creative Process

Exhibit A: The Girl in a Teacup – The Creative Process

So much success with the screen printed girl on the day, plus my possible branding of The Girl in a Teacup created on the WordSwag app, and a floral print gleaned from some 1950’s vintage fabric. I was so happy with the way everything turned out. The floral print has been use on my two piece setacular (only a year late, but it looks amazing. Watch this space!)

The Girl in a Teacup

The Girl in a Teacup

Nicola also generously offered to have our work made into one of her world renowned bags. I admit to having several in the past, and always wanted an overnight bag but never could commit to the purchase. The opportunity to have my own work made up in one of her designs however? That, dear friends, is why we have credit cards.

The Girl in a Teacup

The Girl in a Teacup

Because she looked a little, well nude, I took her home and frocked her in some Liberty and created a little flower work at her feet to add a little more dimension.

The Ins and Outs

The Ins and Outs and Straps

I also had a handbag made up for my Parjie, that is well loved and being used everyday. On reflection I should have ordered a handbag as well. I’m hopeful that maybe one day it might happen. In the meantime I’m going to work on printing her on a tote bag, and extend that out to Liberty pillow cases. I have a small idea for an Etsy shop and have enlisted the services of my dear manager to set me on the proper path to sewing, printing and making a little money from what I love to do.

Parjie Bag on Nicola Cereni Printed Fabric Covering my 1800s Winged Back Chair

Parjie Bag on Nicola Cereni Printed Fabric Covering My 1800s Winged Back Chair

I’d love to do another workshop for screen printing. I think this whole business of practice is something I need to start doing. One image a year could easily be doubled if I put in the effort, surely.

So here I am, embarking on a little adventure with my girl on my overnight bag. It’s quintessential, trying to be grown up, posh lady kind of style. Suits me perfectly.nicola5

Now. If only I had somewhere to go…



* Please note, not a sponsored post. I purchased and paid for the workshop and bags. I have always loved Nicola’s work, and it was such a wonderful day to do what I love with such wonderful people. If you get the chance and want to learn how to print, highly recommend!


11 thoughts on “The Overnighter

  1. Wow! I love your bags and enjoyed seeing how your girl in a teacup came to be. That workshop sounds like a wonderful thing to have done. I think you should definitely do another!

  2. I’m swooning over the overnight bag and your lovely girl designs. How exciting that you are heading down the etsy track. I love seeing your creations:)

  3. Pips, your girl is such a sweetheart. I love the way you have liberated her with liberty prints! She is just gorgeous. Isn’t it wonderful, creating something so personal. What a treasure. And yes, you should have splashed out on a handbag too! 😉

    • Rach, where were you when I needed the push! Luckily there may be an opportunity in the future that i will take before my credit card can even get out the wallet! Pips xxx

  4. Love your Girl in a Teacup process, I have no skills in that department so love watching others create something so beautiful x

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