My most cherished things – of the eclectic variety


I love things.

Not in a “must have everything new, on trend, everyone has it so I must”, capitalist/materialistic kind of way.

In a collective, considered and all things beautiful way. And by beautiful, I don’t mean perfect. I don’t much like perfect. I like quirks and oddness and individuality, even if it is a design feature covering up a small mishap. The sewists will know what I mean by that one…. Thank you to the lovely Pip Lincoln from Meet Me at Mikes for giving me the opportunity to share with you some of the things that I love and adore, and more often than not collect! On a serious note, I’m not afraid of a little hip and shoulder action to get to that vintage fabric first. But that was just once. And she was younger than me. So all forgiven. And I nabbed it. Score!

So here are some things in no particular order.

Sewing with indie sewing patterns. There is a list put together for Sew Indie Month which is happening for the month of June that details a number of indie sewing patterns. The internets has provided great opportunity for smaller businesses to make their patterns available. Perhaps one day I might have the chance too.  The ones I’m currently working on at the moment are:

Indie pattern love!

Indie pattern love!

The sewing community on Instagram. Since participating in Me Made May where I have worn something each day made by my own hands, I have been introduced to such a lovely group of women (plus an odd male body builder follower, but he hasn’t bothered me so I’ll just leave him there).  Seeing what everyone is wearing, the lovely comments, the inspiration. It’s so gorgeous and interactive. And doesn’t at all feel facebooky, or odd, or negative in any sense. Or narcissistic. Yet.  So fingers crossed! You can follow me @magdalenesmuse. I also take photos of my kitten and tea cups. Just in case frocks aren’t your thing.

a taste of my instagram feed

an illustration of my instagram feed

Flowers. See this blog post for the low down, in particular the spectacular bathroom. Not a nana flower in sight.

Sad and disturbing movies (Margot, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Iris, Blue Velvet, Les Miserables,  just to name a few that have left me sobbing). I also like a happy-make-feel-good film, but when I come out feeling as though nothing in the world is right and there is barely any point to going on, it just makes it that little extra special. I’m banned from making movie choices for my birthday though. My friends had questions as to why I would choose We Need to Talk About Kevin as a birthday film. My birthday, my choice. And I loved it.

TV series that most people wouldn’t pick me as watching.

  • Breaking bad
  • Hannibal
  • Dexter
  • Game of Thrones
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Walking Dead
  • Deadwood
  • The Blacklist (James Spader, sigh…..)
  • American Horror Story
  • The Fall

Then there are some of the more predictable:

  • Lost Girl
  • Anything Joss Wheadon
  • Xena
  • Fraggle Rock (cue crazy waving arms)
  • Miranda (best british comedy ever)
  • The Green Wing (If only Mac was available)
  • Black Books
  • Haven. This show is so bad, it’s good. In a I don’t normally admit to watching it kind of way.
  • Futurama (not really a big fan, however my boss at the time got us the box set for our wedding, more for Bruce than me I suspect. I’ve seen each episode at least twice, and do a good impression of Zoidburg: as  “a feast is a feast!”).

Autumn. Why bother with Winter, Spring, Summer when you can have Autumn. As evidenced by Autumnal Wedding at the National Rhododendron Gardens in Sassafras on mine and Bruce’s wedding day 10 years ago. Perfection.

Boo and Boo (chick of honour and bridal chick)

Boo and Boo (chick of honour and bridal chick)

Bruce can not show his face on internets, dentist style and shy.

Bruce can not show his face on internets, dentist style and shy.

Books and reading. Can’t go wrong there. Unless your reading Mills and Boon just so you can discuss characters and plot development with your Nana so you have something in common. That was, I have to admit, not my favourite genre and I did it for love, not literary pursuit.

the night stand art deco desk

the night stand art deco desk

Vintage teacups and dinner sets. I’m now always scouring the local op shops for pretty china that is not only suitable for cake, but for messy spaghetti and nachos as well. As long as it is pretty and not beige beige beige, I’m happy.

my collection

my collection

Thanks for reading, and if you have any suggestions, do let me know in the comments. I’m always curious about discovering new things.


Pips xxx

PS I  do also adore Bruce, B1 and  B2 plus Panda Wine. And maybe I was being a little materialistic in my musings.

Oh, and I love fishing, but without bait so I can ensure I won’t catch anything but seaweed. I don’t want to see a poor fishy hanging off the end of my line. I do love the sea, and the sitting, and the purpose of holding a rod with people assuming you are there for the fish, but you know you are there for the peace.


27 thoughts on “My most cherished things – of the eclectic variety

    • Thank you Amanda, I had to put limits on myself, otherwise I would have continued for a rather long time. There are many things that I like!

    • Crack out that sewing machine! And check out some of the indie sewing patterns. They have such better fit that the “big 4” commercial ones. I think they actually use body measurements from the 21st century, unlike Vogue and New Look who still seem to be going by 1940’s measurements!!!!

  1. I love you things. I can’t watch The Walking Dead as I have zombie nightmares and wake up the neighbourhood with my screaming. Miranda is such a favourite, she is the funniest isn’t she?

    • I snort when I watch Miranda. Literally. And I also share a few of her manerisims, for example the ability to fall UP stairs! And the curtsey. I never thought I could watch walking dead, but I consider it character driven, and can’t work out why post apocolypse everyone is dressed in rags (main characters and zombies alike) when there are designer clothes out there just ready for the raiding.

  2. I love this post Pips. Love the photos, and so lovely to know some of your favourite things. thank you so much for sharing xx

  3. Ooh you have one of those cute baby Singer sewing machines! Is that what gave you the bug? love all your shows too, walking dead especially, are you having withdrawals? I am lol. Oh, and just for laughs, I saw a Very young James Spader, sigh again, in a movie box movie – Baby Boom with Diane Keaton, check it out. Lovely post btw.

    • I was making jackets for my pound puppies when I when 10 years old on that sewing machine. I don’t thing the pattern making was spot on, but I had a good crack. And my PP did not complain. And then somehow I ended up working in the public sector.Will definelty check out Baby Boom. I’m just about to restart Boston Legal again. Just because I can! At least it gives me the funds to acquire my fabrics.

    • Found a gorgeous plate in an op shop today. Said sale was “as is”. Couldn’t see any chips or cracks so purchased it, only to find out when I took the sticker off at home it has a hole drilled right through the centre. I think this one will not be very functional!

  4. Love this post! So glad other people like Green Wing- I keep showing it to people and they don’t get it- Have you watched Campus? It’s by the same producers – only was one season though! Love your Anna version! Will have to try Coco, I’m pretty excited about how my Moneta is turning out – Knits don’t scare me! (much..)

    • I haven’t seen Campus. Will have to do a search for it. One of the actors in Green Wing was also in Dirk Gently’s holistic Detective Agency. I do love my Douglas Adams. And that Coco dress. I have so many plans for it!

    • I’ve really loved MMMay. I haven’t sewn for a few years. Twins, they do take up some time. But now they are at school I’m getting back into it and it’s really helping my sanity!

  5. This is such a inspiring post Pips – love all your outfits (and poses), and your cat has amazing eyes! The vintage tea cup and your display of all your finds is so pretty. And I love Fraggle Rock and Green Wing too – thanks for sharing x

  6. Pip – I’ve missed reading your blog! Your posts always make me chuckle to myself – I love your sense of humour! Great post! Your wedding photos are beautiful! I’m totally jealous of your tea cup collection – I would love to collect tea cups and I don’t even drink tea! Your self made outfits are lovely – I really should learn to sew! And are the Game of Thrones books really that good? Everybody I know is reading them – must give them a go!

  7. Lovely list – you’ve made some gorgeous dresses! I’ve been a bit scared to sew for myself up until now, maybe I have to take the plunge. Off to find you on Insta now!

    • Take the plunge! I did a terrible job on a cami the other day, have never done any underwear sewing. Bruce is all “what’s wrong” and I’m all “I totally stuffed it up, I always get it right”. He then said “serves you right, learn from your mistakes, try again”. And i said “ok, I guess, but I didn’t get it right!!!!!!!”. But I was stupidly disappointed because I didn’t nail it first time. Such a basket case!

  8. Pips! Great post and images! I must seek out some of those sewing patterns – I love the Cambie. As for Miranda – OMG I love her. Please and thank you, kind regards.

    • Absolutely. I think that is where I picked up my curtsey habit as well. That, and the older generation often think by name is Curtsey, not Kirsty, so it’s all very fitting, and part of the reason why I go by Pips now!

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  10. Great list! Can I recommend the TV series Fargo that we’ve just started watching. Its good! In a slightly bloody way. Ha.

    • Just found Fargo on iTunes so will check it out tonight. Thanks for the tip! Desperate for a new series now that most have wound up for the moment, with the exception of GoT. Penny Dreadful is also supposed to be good, but I don’t know where to locate it. x

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