The Ladies that Lunch


Tash, Pips and Parjie

Many years ago (that would be roughly 8) I had this gorgeous idea that I’d have two little munchkins, a gloriously tidy house that smelt forever of baked goods, a well-behaved kitten (who didn’t wee when she got excited…) and time. Yes time. (Bruce was already in the pic and continues to be. Huzzah!)

As it turns out, I have two little munchkins. It’s a start.

In this little fantasy of mine, I also had lunch dates with my lady friends. Weekly. We would hang out, laugh, have glass of wine, solve the world’s problems with kindness and partake in food that didn’t involve hidden vegetables (which the dear readers who are also mums would be familiar with). And of course, be frocked up, with limited risk (note the limited) of someone throwing food at you.


Four months in the planning and we made it! It turns out that ideas that emerge from a drunken think-tank on Christmas day whilst sprawled on the floor can come to fruition!

Clyde Park

Clyde Park (as demonstrated on the sign…)

I’ve been wanting to visit Clyde Park at Bannockburn for some time, and it made for a perfect luncheon. Rolling hills, stunning food and delish wine, it was indeed splendid. Finally I was lunching with my lady friends, taking in the lady views, drinking lady wine and frolicking in a lady vegetable garden. Ladies, I am indeed committed to lunching. Invites welcome!


The dress itself was a pleasure to sew. Designed for the lady who is smaller up the top and hippy down the bottom, it fits perfectly *. And check out the inside finish. I could get away with wearing this dress inside out. Thank you Tasia from Sewaholic for making such a lunch appropriate dress pattern**.


Curtsey to all the ladies

Pips xxx

the grey whizzer

the grey whizzer

PS. Oh my goodness, Panda Wine seriously… just… whizzed somewhere she was not meant to whizz. While I was writing this. Un.Freaking.Believable.

* I was once told by a modelling agency that I had a size 10 waist but UNMISTAKABLY size 12 hips, and I was all like, “Hey, thank you so much for letting me know! If it wasn’t for you and a GP who told me when I was 12 that I have child bearing hips (I kid you not! He also advised me when I was 14 that if I wanted to solve my lady issues I should have a baby. Just for the record when I did have babies at age 32 IT DID NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM!) I would be walking around thinking I just might be a perfect standardised dress size based on a minute selection of the female population that conform to the glossy mags idea of beauty and who looks really hungry. Lucky you let me know. I would have been delusional for the rest of my life. (end rant)

** I also ended up doing some runway shows for Melbourne Fashion week, some indie magazine spreads and was a poster girl for a couture bridal designer in Melbourne. Take that modelling agency!

Dress Pattern: Cambie by Sewaholic

Fabric: Liberty from

Tights: Wolford

Shoes: Camper

Wine: Clyde Park Locale chardonay


4 thoughts on “The Ladies that Lunch

  1. Some GPs lol. Mine once told me that the pain of abdominal surgery without a general anaesthetic would kill me (I can’t have a general or an epidural). I convinced a surgeon to perform anyway with only local and I was fine. It was lots of fun to rub it in his face afterwards. Hehe.

  2. Lovely dress Pips thankyou for sharing I think it’s a pretty gorgeous lunching lady dress (and fantastic job on the invisible zip and pattern matching). What’s with modeling agencies crushing teenage girls self esteem??! I was told I had a very masculine walk and a bit hippy- I was 13 haha

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