put a shirt on it

matchy matchy!

matchy matchy!

I’m a little bit at a loss for words this week. Busy with life, the universe and everything… it’s been one challenge after another, but in the end I remain committed to the following, ever relevant  and always sage advice: “don’t panic”!

I haven’t made a shirt since year 10 at high school when I was the proud maker of a floral chambray number that became a short lived staple in my double denim wardrobe of the the early 90s. On reflection, there may have been a triple denim ensemble (comprising skirt, shirt, jacket and poodle hair) that took my school by surprise on casual dress day and leaves me scarred for life just knowing I did it.

love my bricks

love my bricks

Atoning for the triple denim is my floral liberty shirt using the Papercut Pattern, Meissa shirt.The pattern was a gift from Mama and Papa for christmas, and after purchasing several lengths of vintage fabric that were an itsy bitsy too small, I gave up and just cut into my Liberty. My love of Liberty is just as strong as my love of linen.

I love the finish of the collar and the button placement. Two by two buttons is a new favourite . It’s so cute. Next time I will cut the sleeves a little longer (those orangunana arms just keep going) and give a little more shape through the sides. I like my clothes a little more fitted, as waist definition is a better silhouette for me than the free flowing, instantly makes me look pregnant (not that there’s anything wrong with that)  style. And matchy match head band. Awesome!

the deers

the deets

I also loved the way the outfit came together, thank you restless night for keeping me awake at 2am and the need to catalogue potential outfits as a way to distract myself from the fact that I’m still awake. Cardi was made by Mama using the pattern Audrey In Unst, skirt is thrifted and the shirt is made by me, fitting in perfectly with my year of ethical fashion.

Next on the list is another dress. Old habits die hard…

Curtsy and good day.


Pips x




7 thoughts on “put a shirt on it

  1. I love this Pips. The colours are amazing on you and the whole outfit simply rocks. The fact that it is all handmade? Well, that just takes it to a whole new level 🙂 xx

    • I love being able to make my own clothes, and given I love to spend money on clothes as well, I’m doing pretty well this year. Except for the liberty fabric. I love it. It’s expensive. And that’s ok! x

  2. Big curtsy to you lady. Triple denim. Just own it and be proud. Love your shirt and the bricks and your gorgeous face and your gorgeous hair.

    • Thank you! I went the poodle perm in the early 90’s, as you did, and then ended up with incredible natural curls out of nowhere! Even my hairdresser says it’s the best perm he ever gave anyone. 25 years on it’s the gift that keeps on giving! x

  3. I love the colours on you Pips, but most of all I’m digging the posing. It was lovely to read such a happy post with cute photos! Can’t wait to see what you are up to today…I’ll look out for the next post.

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