About me!

Oakridge Blouse

Hello, and curtsey to you!

My name is Pips, and I live on the Victorian coast with three boys (1 big and 2 small) and a cat affectionately known as Panda Wine.

I have a love of all things beautiful, unconventional and imperfect. As time moves forwards (or backwards, depending on the day) I’m out to discover the universe, or perhaps just my little corner of it and collate my findings in a whimsical and possibly quirky kind of way.

I make many of my own clothes, sometimes attempt the beast that is pattern making, screen print, quilt, cook, create my own set of rules and break them when no one is watching and read many a book.

I am a little excited to explore my newly acquired fabric printing and dress making skills and share them beyond my long-suffering family and friends who have endured them as gifts of love for the past year. There will also be many a frock, cups of tea and the odd “seriously, I can’t believe this happened to me today” story.

Thanks for dropping by, and welcome to the world according to Pips.

If you feel so inclined, you can drop me an email at magdalenesmuse@gmail.com


Pips xxx


14 thoughts on “About me!

  1. Hi Pips
    I follow your Instagram account and love the beautiful things you make! I hadn’t switched on my sewing machine for years until this weekend – but now I have a cute skirt made from an old cushion cover! Thanks for the inspiration! Lucie x

    • Hi Lucie. What wonderful news! I only really lifted my sewing game when I saw all the inspiration on IG. Thanks for dropping over and saying hello! Pips x

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