Sewing for World Peace: Dove

Doves are symbols for peace, no?

So with my new Dove shirt, I make my contribution. Disillusion is now a friend. 

What an odd segue into sewing…. This is the Dove shirt paired with my favourite Brumby skirt by Megan Nielsen patterns. The fabric is a Liberty mermaid print that was sent to me as a fabric hug from the ever gorgeous Elle when I was recovering from surgery at the start of the year. (Fabric was sent directly to Princess Pips from The Strawberry Thief. Princess Pips loves fabric hugs). 

The shirt makes up beautifully and is the first where I have used the facings and not had them flip out (both physically and metaphorically). The dipped hem also has a facing which attaches without grief and gives the shirt a lovely finish. This version has the flared sleeve and there is an option for the uber bell sleeve which I have already made up in a Nani Iro cotton Sateen. 

I adjusted the pattern by lengthening the waist by 2.5cm. I don’t recall lengthening the arms as I felt with the flare shape it mattered less where the hem ended on the wrist. I also added shape to the waist to accentuate the waist/hip difference. 

I love the sleeves and whilst they may be “in” at the moment they are about to make themselves a continued presence in my wardrobe. I have plans for a third Dove in raw silk dyed using avocado (from another beautiful friend, Ute) with flared double bells for another winter wardrobe addition. I’m also enjoying my new hair colour. A la natural with a blue nana rinse through it. Part faerie, part pixie.

Photo credit B1

Photo credit B2

My Brumby skirt was made just shy of a year ago from Merchant and Mills slate linen purchased from Stitch 56. This skirt has been one of the most preferred skirts in my wardrobe and keeps getting softer with each wear. My love of Liberty and Linen will never cease.

The tote bag is the Genoa Tote by Anna. You can find the pattern here at Pattern Fantasique. This is my third tote and I love the attention that Anna has put into the details with the bag. The pocket and key ring clip are expertly drafted and the leather handles lend itself to a professional finish. I screen printed Audrey onto the tote and used vintage Liberty and embroidery floss to bring life to her. On the reverse side in homage to DAAS read the words: My god ain’t risen, ’cause she’s sleeping in today. Makes me smile every time. 

So in this increasingly topsy turvy world, we need to remember to take time out, to remember peace, to wonder at nature and all that she has to offer and hope that sensible will prevail at some stage. And stay well dressed. Some of us must lead the way for others…

With love






Photo’s by Bruce, B1 and B2. Dove and Brumby patterns from Megan Nielsen patterns. Genoa Tote by Anna and Pattern Fantastique. Dove Liberty fabric gifted by Elle through The Strawberry Thief. Brumby Merchant and Mills linen purchased from Stitch 56. Ribbon by Lilypond. Hair flower by Gardens of Whimsy. Shoes are Mols from Duckfeet. Tights by Wolford


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