Dark Floral

dark-floral-1dark-floral-7dark-floral-8dark-floral-6dark-floral-4dark-floral-10dark-floral-3Dark Floraldark-floral-5










Photos: By Bruce

Fabric: Dark floral silk charmuse from Ellie Cashman

Dress pattern: Centauree Dress, Deer and Doe

Shoes: American Duchess, Miss Royal Vintage

Flower crown: Lily and Lace

Mourning bracelets (vintage): JeanJean Vintage



12 thoughts on “Dark Floral

  1. I think you look amazing in this dress. The choice of fabric is sublime – the lightest pinks on the deepest background, and subtle greens. So is the pattern which showcases the large scale design so well on the skirt, but also fits you nice and snug in the torso. And the flowers in your hair. You look dreamy and so romantic. What a beauty.

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