1920’s Pajajays



Some days a lady just wants to be wrapped in pajajays that feel like cotton and silk and cashmere combined. That they look pretty, feel comfortable and evoke snuggliness which allows one to wallow a little in fatigue and weariness in style. And brings a wee smile to my face.



These were a very quick make. I used a  vintage brushed cotton purchased from A Piece of Cloth recently. So snuggly.



The bottom is based on the Margot Pyjama pants from Tilly and the Buttons. I sized up two sizes (the recent expansion of fleshiness on the derrière means the need for extra comfort and room is heightened). I also widened the leg to reflect a more 1920’s beach pyjama style. And I chose elastic for the waistband instead of the recommended ribbon. The only time that this notion is acceptable. And the only time I will say this.




Pajajays cami back

The top is my cami  pattern I have developed and made many over the summer. The lace is from a french bodice in the early 1900’s that had the main part of the camisole removed. That it has survived in such immaculate condition over 100 years is breathtaking. Lily Pond has a wonderful supply of antique laces from France. I have to limit my visits as otherwise I would buy ALL the lace.


Pajajays cami front


Tired and Fuzzy! We’ve all been there….

The fatigue is showing in my face in these photos, but this is the reality of my life. And given I’ll be wearing these constantly, these were the best pics I was going to get.

Such comfort to sleep in.



Pattern: From Tilly and the Buttons –  Love at First Stitch
Fabric: purchased from A Piece of Cloth
Lace cami top lace: purchased from Lily Pond
Lace hair scarf: purchased from VintageCaf
Flowers: purchased from The Flower Dispensary
Photos: By Bruce





13 thoughts on “1920’s Pajajays

  1. Charming and lovely. The colour and lace, the shape and styling are so you. I am sorry you are weary. I think we all are these days. Everything is such a pressure and a rush. Sewing is the only antidote. On elasticated waists – my PJs have them too. However I leave them off the front third (between the hip bones/princess lines) so that the front is flat. It makes for a more flattering look.

    • Katy, I have two excellent sources that I’m only allowed to visit occasionally as I would spend all my grocery money without thinking twice! apieceofcloth.com has beautiful vintage textiles from America and lilypond.net.au has the most exquisite french lace from the late 1800’s. xx

  2. These are the most beautiful PJ’s! I love the fabric and that lace is exquisite – I have PJ envy! 😉

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