Moss Skirt: Vintage Corduroy

Good day gorgeous creatures. Welcome to my happy place. I hope you’ve had a lovely long chocolately weekend with an abundance of sewing and tea drinking.

I’d thought to rotate my way through Easter using the rest – sew – consume principle. My intentions were then thwarted in the best possible way after a very positive/random response to antibiotics. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitus/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Which it now it appears is in addition to a persistent, reoccurring, sub-clinical bacterial infection that can not be named or located (take that Voldemort!). The infection is taking a hit, and I’m feeling the best version of myself in two years.

Vintage Corduroy Moss Skirt

Vintage Corduroy Moss Skirt

At this stage I’m cautiously optimistic and monitoring with constant vigilance. It leaves me open to being involved in all sorts of delicious frivolities and fun that have been beyond my reach, including making this cake for birthdays, finishing quilts for birthday girls and even braving the local cinema to watch Sponge Bob, Sponge Out of Water. Yay me!

Birthday Maple Cheesecake with Blueberries

Birthday Maple Cheesecake with Blueberries (With a Side of Jelly)

I also dipped into my vintage sewing stash to make another Moss Skirt from Grainline Studio. The colours on this corduroy are so vibrant. I feel as though my lower half is wrapped in autumnal goodness.

Vintage Corduroy Moss Skirt

Vintage Corduroy Moss Skirt

I very rarely buy fabric without a purpose. So when given fabric it’s interesting that I’m very quick to “see” which sewing pattern would best fit the material. Within two pats of this cord I knew it would be a blocked Moss, and there is enough for a twin Berlin as well.

Vintage Corduroy Moss Skirt

Vintage Corduroy Moss Skirt

The lining pieces are Liberty, some vintage some new. I can not bear to throw out even the tinniest scrape. I think I’m going to have to make some Liberty confetti to include in letters and such. I also recently discovered that Liberty has a corduroy line. Eek!

Vintage Corduroy Moss Skirt

Vintage Corduroy Moss Skirt

My hand made closet has now officially taken over my RTW. A few more pieces and some investigation around a pants pattern (thinking the Thurlow at this point, which makes sense as it is already in my stash) and culottes, then I should have a mostly me made closet.

Vintage Corduroy Moss Skirt - Pattern Placement Outtake!

Vintage Corduroy Moss Skirt – Pattern Placement Outtake!

I think back to what the 20 year old me would have thought if she knew this was to be her future wardrobe. I imagine her squealing with delight, flapping her hands and dancing at the thought.

Vintage Corduroy Moss Skirt

Vintage Corduroy Moss Skirt

A note on the back set: Vintage Liberty Anna dress made for Boo in Berlin, Vintage Liberty Granville shirt (to be blogged shortly) and the Belcarra blouse in Vintage Liberty with sashiko embellishment previously blogged here.

Vintage Corduroy Moss Skirt

Vintage Liberty

Bring on Me Made May 2015.

Curtsey to you.

Pips xxx

Photos by Bruce. Tights by Tightology. Hair piece by Gardens of Whimsey. Bridgette scarf made by me. Shoes by Duckfeet.


Vintage Corduroy Moss Skirt

Vintage Corduroy Moss Skirt – Nice Pic!


3 thoughts on “Moss Skirt: Vintage Corduroy

  1. Gorgeous! I recently made a muslin of the Moss Mini and, while it fit alright it was…. very mini. Like, indecently so. I initially thought it was because of my roundness but my husband pointed out that I’m rather tall, so that made me feel better. Hopefully I’ll whip one up (suitably lengthened) for the winter.

    I’m so glad to hear about you feeling better! Are you saying the antibiotics are helping with the ME though?? That’s incredible! ME/CFS is such a super sucky illness.

    • I’m not used to wearing a skirt this short, and I wouldn’t go public without tights underneath! Too much white leg for me. I’m tall too, so am always adding length to things.
      The antibiotics are definitely helping with the ME. 5 weeks ago I couldn’t stay up past 6pm, and now I’m easily at 8.30 without even trying. Seems there is a major flow on effect from treating the sinusitis to all my other symptoms. Fingers crossed it stays this way. I’ll be on antibiotics for the next couple of months and then see how it goes. This is the only thing that has had any affect on me, so cautiously optimistic! I also have a fabulous GP and specialist that believed I was sick and wanted to help me, which can be half the battle sometimes. Pips x

  2. Soooooo glad you are feeling so much better! I hope it continues for you. I suffer three auto immune diseases and I know the constant feeling of being hit by a very fast moving truck, rendering me mute with pain and fatigue. I’m also finding some relief finally, so yay us! I adore your skirt, so very very you. I love thinking about your younger self squealing. I’d be squealing too! X

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