Taking Stock – 2

A little Saturday night insight into the life of Pips….

Making : Clothes! Pj’s, blouses, maxi skirts
Cooking : Not much, nausea (no I’m not pregnant, it’s just “unexplained”) is not the friend of the cook. Maybe cookies for the boys tomorrow
Drinking : bubbly soda stream with raspberry cordial and lots of additives
Reading: Trying to finish Molly Fyde and the Bern Saga, but it is dragging on so much!
Wanting: To feel less nauseated
Looking: at Bruce pouring me some raspberry bubbles, and my pretty wall paper

that wallpaper!

that wallpaper!

Playing: Tori Amos’ new album, Unrepentant Geraldines. This woman is truly amazing.
Deciding: If I can stay awake any longer, or should just give up and go to sleep
Wishing: it was school holidays, and also not school holidays
Enjoying: the cool air, and realising I’m still dressing for Autumn
Waiting: for a pay rise at the end of financial year
Liking: this blog, you should go and check her out!
Wondering: when my next existential crisis is going to be. It’s been at least 6 weeks since the last
Loving: Me Made May (past tense)

Me Made May 2014

Me Made May 2014

Pondering: The meaning of life. And as always, coming back to 42
Considering: writing a business plan for my screen printing business ideas
Watching: Just finished Breaking Bad season 4. OMG. Penny Dreadful, love it. Fargo, interesting. Mad Men is next on the list.
Hoping: That b1 and b2 won’t end up in emergency tomorrow after attending a roller skating party
Marvelling: at the fact my boys have such empathy. Win!
Needing: to go to sleep.
Smelling: raspberry cordial and revitafoam
Wearing: the best pi’s in the world that I made last week and are trimmed with french lace
Following: my own footsteps
Noticing: my garden needs to be gardened
Knowing: it’s ok to be me
Thinking: how could 6 hours fly by without food/drink/powder room break? I love the “flow” experienced when I sew. So does PW.

Panda Wine in the flow

Panda Wine in the flow

Feeling: Tired (big surprise)
Admiring: the stars I can see out my window
Sorting: my t-shirt draw. Tomorrow.
Buying: nothing until payday.
Getting: more people visiting my blog. Hooray!
Bookmarking: Bloggy tips. I’m sure to get to them one day.
Disliking: ads on TV. I can no longer watch commercial tv without yelling
Opening: too many packages last week.
Giggling: at this clip
Feeling: Still tired.
Coveting: dreamless sleep
Wishing: things were in order
Helping: get things into order
Hearing: the ringing in my ears

Curtsey and good evening

Pips xxx


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